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I was contacted the other day by two classmates from high school. They called to remind me that 25 years ago I had agreed to be involved with planning the 25th class reunion. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but I had not stayed in touch with any of my former classmates through the years. These two had tracked me down through my mother who still lives in the town I graduated from. I explained to my former class mates that I was out of touch with the happenings of our home town. They stated that they were also and that they were relying on the internet to help find someone that would be interested in coming to the reunion.

We made arrangements to get together at my home. We started with the telephone book to see if we could find someone that had graduated with us. We then split up names of the few people that we still kept in contact with to see if they could find someone. The hardest part was trying to track down the women because so many of them had changed their names.


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We then turned to the internet and found a website designed to locate classmates. This website stated that it could find someone that you wanted to locate. You could place personal messages to a specific classmate, or post a general announcement to find someone that graduated for a particular year. We decided to start with a general posting to see if we could find someone that had been in our graduating class. Our posting stated that we were looking for classmates from our home town and needed help in planning the 25th class reunion. We could have them post back on the same website so that our personal information did not go out on a general site. It was explained that once we made a connection we could have them leave specific contact information on a more private site. I was not convinced that we would find someone using this method. It seemed like a long shot to me, but the posting was free of charge so we made one.

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Find Old Classmates Before a Reunion A few days later I went back on the website and was surprised to see two postings from former classmates. They had left private messages leaving their contact information. I did not think we would find someone and we found two people in a short time. Both of them had a couple more contact names that I could add to the growing list of former classmates. I am amazed at how much I am looking forward to this class reunion. I had made no effort to find someone that I had graduated with in 25 years, but by making a few calls and sending some emails, I am anxious to catch up with old friends.

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